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Technology grows day by day and new methodology replaces the conventional systems and along with this change, We are stepping forward with new technologies. Recently we introduces a wide array of Blu Ray collections and you can enjoy your movies in HD quality now.

It is our mission to service each customers in a highly personnel attentive manner to feel you good in your entire visit to our premises in a short span of time.
We were committed to enhance the professionalism of our staff members to communicate with you in a good manner.

We also trying to be a part of your VOD(Video on Demand) requirements soon.



Welcome to Panchami Videos

We the pioneers in video lending library in the heart of Cochin City, offers a wide collection of movies in CDs,DVDs and in Blu Ray category. You can select your required movies by searching our database displayed in our counter here at Kadavanthra. It is so easy as just select the required movie from our display catalogue and tell the reference number of the catalogue will get your CDs/DVDs in a couple of minutes. No need to stay back for a long time to answer your queries, we covers every customers in a speedy manner.

If you need to own a particular movie of your choice, you can purchase the same at our Sales counter also.We service our privileged customers to arrange their required movie/cartoon/game/educational CDs in a highly personalized way. We are happy to serve you as long as possible to be your permanent ally in case of home entertainment category.

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