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Our Six programs were aired

About us

Who We Are

Panchami Productions based in Kochi, having our presence in projects connected with Cable TV, Satellite Channels and other medias. We focused on quality programs for Cable TV and other Satellite Channels as well as film industry.


What We Can Do

Quality programs is an untapped area in Cable TV and Other TV Channels and the huge potential in this industry gave the confidence to produce variety programs, short films, Music Albums and Devotional Albums  and proved us as the number one in this industry.

Panchami Productions is the Dream segment in Panchami Group. We assure your quality time throughout our programs. We fix the revolutionary standards & Concept mark in Cable TV as well as other leading Channels in their Program segment. Our “PACHA” short film directed by Actress Sarayu telecasted in all major TV Channels in Malayalam and having massive hits in YouTube now a days. If you are connected with home entertainment business or Cable Channels, you can feel free to contact us to have quality programs you ever think about.
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